beautifully equipped

The Beautifully Equipped (BE) Podcast is hosted and produced by three women (Jen Erhardt, Kate Jo, and Jen Schimbeno) and is focused on the solutions, tactics, conversations, and challenges involved with personal and professional growth. Our motto is “find your genius through collaboration”.

In the summer of 2018, we launched a national project called “50 Women, 50 States”. The project is about sharing the individual stories that make up the diverse professional worlds that women inhabit, as well as the communities that they are a part of that helped to support, nurture, and collaborate with them.


Beautifully Equipped is a podcast that launched in September 2017, by co-founders Kate Jo, Jen Erhardt, Jen Schimbeno, and Jackie Rainford Corcoran.

We wanted to create something that would help others who are interested in professional and personal growth. The podcast approaches that growth by sharing the breakthroughs, setbacks, and acumen that our guests have experienced, or that we ourselves have learned.

The podcast is hosted and produced by women and we started it because we found strength in collaboration, specifically a mastermind group.

Our motto is “Find your genius through collaboration” because we really do believe in the common good, that as one rises we all rise.